intermission: austin

Dear readers,

Over the last several years, I’ve taken steps in obedience to God’s calling upon my life to vocational ministry. It has been both joyous and a struggle, but God has been incredibly faithful!

I have a unique opportunity this next year to intern at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Its over 770,000 residents have many interests from live music, outdoor activities and art shows to nightlife. 1 in every 8 Austinites attends church weekly. Austin is a city full of potential! It is a GREAT city like many other cities in the world, but it is a broken city in need of restoration.

So how do we address these needs? Thankfully, God calls churches and people to make a difference and one of those ways is through making disciples who have a variety of interests and in turn want to see Jesus change their city. This is where the Austin Stone Institute (ASI) comes in. ASI is the leadership development branch of The Austin Stone Community Church, and the program provides an environment for men and women to be challenged, trained and then go lead in their home, church, campus, workplace, city and world. Interns are developed in three ways: doctrine and theology (head), character and affections (heart), & skills and know-how (hands). We will be equipped to engage people with the gospel, connect people in community, and mobilize people into the mission of making disciples. The unique role the Lord is calling me to is in the Equipping department, where I will be able to help develop resources and equip church members with the tools and knowledge necessary to impact their spheres of influence with the transforming power of the gospel.

ASI has no central funds to pay 75+ intern salaries and ministry expenses. Like many other mission organizations ASI depends upon the consistent financial support of partnering individuals and churches. These contributions are used to fund the ministries of the interns and residents.

So, how can you join what God is doing? We must find a team of partners who will give $100 monthly or some other amount to support our ministry. As soon as this team is complete, we can turn our full
attention to reaching people for Christ. Everyone is called to make disciples, but not everyone can GO. God has enabled some to go and do, some to support those who go, and everyone to pray for the mission. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to partner with me in the mission of God in Austin!

My commitment to my partners is:
-To work diligently to touch the lives of people for Jesus Christ.
-To regularly let you know how God is blessing the ministry.
-To be financially faithful with the funds given for my ministry.
-To share prayer concerns with one another.

Your partnership can make a difference in reaching people for Christ. Would you make a monthly commitment of $50 or $100 or some other amount for the next 12 months? We must find a team of partners who will give $100 monthly or some other amount to support our ministry. As soon as this team is complete, we can turn our full
attention to reaching people with the gospel.

If the Lord impresses it upon your heart to partner financially with me, you can go to the following link to make a tax-deductible donation:
If you should choose to write a check, please include my project code 0962 so that any contribution you make will go to my account. And if you happen to know anyone else that would be interested in joining, please let me know!

There is another vital way you can help, and that is by committing to be part of my prayer support team. Nothing lasting will be accomplished without prayer, and we will greatly need it! Would you commit to also praying for me?

Thank you for your time and continued support for this blog! I’m grateful for the relationship I have with each of you and excited to partner with you guys in this! None of this would have ever been possible without the support and encouragement of the people in my life. I would love to answer any questions you may have, and if there is any way I can be praying for you, please let me know!

And I plan to blog even more the next few months, so be looking for that!

Praying for all of you!

-Brice Johnson
Equipping Resident



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