Dreams of Yesterday

yesterday i soared through clouds of cotton
a chariot of wind beneath my feet
a symbol was i to raise hope in men
cowering behind an impenetrable sheet

yesterday i dreamt the world a stage grand
upon which i played the grandest of roles
i took a bow and drank the world’s applause
safely behind my persona’s eye holes

yesterday brought an angel to my room
sweetly smiling and sitting on the floor
i asked her, “why so far from heaven’s throne?”
“to chase what i can no longer ignore”

yesterday a thief broke into my dream
and reached into the inner parts of me
grabbed what he found, threw it in the air
secrets laid bare for all the world to see

yesterday the end of the world came by
knocking on my door, and asked for a hand
“not today,” said i, “its not a good day”
and the lad went on to ravage the land

yesterday found a bartender in my dream
i asked for a drink, one to remember
he asked, “what about one to forget?”
slid me one that knocked me till december

yesterday deception kissed me on the mouth
and took me to her bed of craft and guile
she said, “baby, I make the world go ‘round”
and then swallowed me, laughing all the while

today the glass was empty; the mask fell
and the lad thrust a green spear into my skin
the thief discovered hidden deception
and the angel went back to what she had been


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