the heart

as i was walking down the street today
i met a man with a familiar face
“let me show you the future, now, and past”
he said and pulled his heart out of his chest

the purple mass beat with feeble will
as weary strength betrayed the gentle swell
and in the midst i saw it all
the story of lived life, i saw it all

a vein that still pulsed shallow blood
from eyes that reflected a fabled world
the shadow of a wistful smile haunting,
the compass ever to true north pointing

night and day, the story of Time
dreams and failures, their verses intertwined
with the song of a bitter, lonely man
all within the fibers of this organ

the wrinkled finger explored the flesh
roaming along whilst the blood flowed fresh
an image from a time that had once been
a boy and his pen in a time forgotten

as i pondered the object in my hand
i turned to question the familiar man
but he was already walking away
and the hole in my chest will not go away


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