Publish… or perish

Well, I started off with a zeal.

Yeah! Let me create a blog! Shed insight into my mind! Make my voice heard!

I created accounts on different blogging sites. I asked the “experts” of blogging about their preferences. I posted identical intro entries on all those sites.

And then, I left them for about 9 months.

What happened to that zeal? What happened to that inner passion to write and effectively have an online outlet? Truth be told, I just became lazy. It seemed too much effort for my own entertainment.

But one of my professors, Dr. Jeremy Roberts, told us something that one of his professors told him when he was in seminary: “Publish… or perish.”

It’s the idea that words, and what you do with them, have an immortal quality. Our lives as humans are fleeting, and physically, we’re going to die. As my old pastor, Matt Carter, is fond of saying, “the last time I checked, the death rate in the world is hovering right around 100%.” Homer, Shakespeare, the apostle Paul, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. None of them are around anymore…

But their words are.

And so they live on because of those recorded words. That’s how they’re remembered and interpreted.

Now, I have no grandiose delusions of including myself in such a category. Maybe I’ll be the only one to ever read these posts. But it’s better than hoarding those posts in my unorganized mind.

So I encourage you, stranger and friend… Publish.. or perish.


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